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David C Stephens(non-registered)
I've been a friend and follower of Patricia over ten-years, using Flickr as my source for her work. Her photography is consistently some of the best that I see on a daily basis, and I'm always looking. We've never shot together, but I know the work and care that she puts into her images.

Anyone interested in bird photography should follow Patricia, pay attention and learn.
Gérard Glaize(non-registered)
Very beautiful site Patricia, your galleries of birds are amazing.
Wonderful work, and thanks for sharing.
Best Regard
Gilbert Tayag(non-registered)
Your photos are amazing and they always get explored at flickr. Maybe you can share with us the locations you normally visit to take these photos. Thanks and keep the good work!
John Pham(non-registered)
Patricia - your work is inspirational. I'm just starting into bird photography and like you I find it intoxicating. I take pleasure in looking at your awesome photos to gain some inspirational ideas. Thank you for sharing techniques and camera settings. I'm sure I'll be using them in the field. Keep up the good work!
Rick Tennes(non-registered)
Lovely work, Patricia! Very nicely done!
Nice work(non-registered)
Thanks for the nice display of great work.
Love your website and your work - hope you are going to sell a lot!!
Ralphie Norton(non-registered)
Some great shots :) Keep them coming
Kay Musk(non-registered)
Congratulations on your website, your photographs are a real inspiration, the clarity of the feather detail are always stunning and so enjoyable to view.
Your blog is really interesting and I'm sure I will be able to learn loads from it
Philip Dunn(non-registered)
Congrats Patricia ! Your work is outstanding and this is a wonderful showcase for it.
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